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Still Around

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 7, 2013, 11:49 AM
I'm still lurking. Got lots of pictures to go through, a new puppy (help me!!!) and lots of work to keep me busy.

Back in January siriuslylostwerewolf tagged me and I just saw it today. I'm slightly behind. Just a little bit.

Anyhoo, tell me what you've been up to. :D

1) Do you have special eyes?
Nope, boring run of the mill brown eyes, severely near sighted.

2) If you could be reincarnated as anything, what would it be?
Like not a human? Then, um, housecat? Life would be pretty sweet, except for the whole grooming part.
3) Favorite historical figure?
Way too many to narrow down to only one! Um, um, um, Plato. His crowd would have been awesome to hang with.
4) Which do you like better: Italian food or Chinese food?
Italian. I really don't like Chinese food, for the most part.
5) If you could learn any language, what would it be?
ALL OF THEM. I love languages.
6) Favorite book?
The Lord of the Rings, Pride and Prejudice, Howl's Moving Castle, The Death Gate Cycle, The Iliad
7) What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
African or European?
8) Favorite Pixar film?
WALL•E :heart:
9) Favorite Dreamworks film?
How to Train Your Dragon
10) Disney/Pixar or Dreamworks?

And some recent faves, just for spice.
deep into Moria by breath-artThe Elrics: The Power of Alchemy by ChalkTwins
Open Mind by Lhox
Bentley - 4 by PebelsMing by FelesTacita
Relativity by inshaalaThe Game by Vitaly-Sokol
Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin by ashamandour
Octet by BenHeine

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So how has everyone been?

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 5, 2013, 4:52 PM

So I disappeared for a while.

Been lurking for a while, too.

Lots to say, don't wanna... too lazy.

So how have you been?

Here's some stuff I liked recently:

Emerald Explosion by Sarah-BK
Merida Pixar's Brave by clarenceyao
May I keep it PLEASE by maddagone
Escape To A Vivid World by WishmasterAlchemist
CatBeard: McPlunder 04 by PlummyPress
.:In Mid Air:. by RHCheng
Stalwart by RalphHorsley
Hypnotic fluffball by hoschie
Kuroshitsuji: Undertaker by K-Koji
Corner by IvanAndreevich

Fire Dragon by amorphisss
I'm Davy Jones! by Thiefoworld
Snowy Egret by Ryser915
femasculinity by LifeWithARedhead
True Story by Mayeko
Physiognomy by Ksuksa-Raykova
Ellia in the Pumpkin 2 by jazzkidd
6000 by yuli-sweetie-puss
Least Tern Chick by Ryser915

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Happy Birthday Mom!

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 29, 2012, 4:43 PM

How to Embarrass Your Mom by AreteEirene

Go wish WDWParksGal a happy birthday! :iconcakecookieplz:

Goodbye Sweet Prince

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 30, 2012, 8:34 PM
Our Stitch passed away this afternoon. He was 13 and a precious kitty. Goodbye little buddy. Cry emoticon - updated by phaethorn

A Warm Sidewalk by AreteEirene

A Cat's Eye View by AreteEirene
Stitch by AreteEirene
Stitch Lounges by WDWParksGal
Do Not Disturb by WDWParksGal
Relaxed Stitch by WDWParksGal

Back in Wisconsin Again

Sun Oct 21, 2012, 5:24 PM

The title should of course be read while singing Back in the Saddle Again by Aerosmith, because it's stuck in my head and I say so.

I am currently sitting in a comfy chair in a hotel just outside Madison, WI, in a room that is entirely too big for one person, but I'm not paying for it, so there. :nana:

I'm back to take more classes for Epic Hyperspace, the EMR (electronic medical record) software we use a the hospital I work at.  I've spent the last month or so working 10 to 12 hour days as our facility "went live" with the revenue side of Epic. I'm the principal trainer for the scheduling component, and now I will be taking over as the principal trainer for the registration and admission component as well.  I came from scheduling so I'm no expert at registration, but hopefully I will be here in a few months. I need to be because I have to start teaching the classes here in about three weeks. :noes: Wish me luck!

I have two more trips, one in early November and another the first week of December.  It's quite nice out now, but who knows about December. :XD:

The hotel I'm in was booked by IT so I've never been here before. I am predisposed to think it is awesome because the room has an awesomely squishy bed and there's a Panera's right next door. :happybounce:  I just got mac and cheese, a greek salad, and a pumpkin latte for dinner. Yum.  My plane this morning left Columbus at 7:50 am, so the first thing I did when I got here was take a five hour nap. :giggle:  I don't usually nap but I had to; I actually fell asleep on the plane and it is almost impossible for me to sleep sitting up. I've probably done so less than a dozen times in my life (at least the part I can remember, not sure about the toddler years).

Since I've been so busy at work I've had little or no time for dA, sadly. I hope to get a bit caught up in the next three days as I will have my evenings to myself. I'm about 60,000 deviations behind (not an exaggeration) and about 1000 journals. And that's just this site. My stock site is in similar disarray. I have about 700 pictures in my stash over at AreteStock. They've been there since July. No time. :saddummy:

I need to get a contest rolling at DisneyDreamers, get the features done at disney-parkhoppers, and start planning this years Disney Secret Santas.

In silly online news I made a second Pottermore account (because I could) but this time I answered the sorting questions as if I were my exact opposite. It was actually pretty hard to decide what I was least likely to pick, but I tried my best. The hat put me in Gryffindor. :lmao:  I don't know if I'll keep the anti-me account. I'd never use it to cheat; I just wanted to see where my doppelganger would end up. I thought for sure it would be Hufflepuff, but not so.

I suppose I could ramble on and on, especially about my Buckeyes being undefeated and not eligible for the championship (sadness), but this is already pretty long.

Tell me what you've been up to. Looking forward to Halloween or anything else? I'm going up to my parents' for Halloween, yay for a five day weekend!

P.S. Oh Em Gee I forgot to mention how the power company came and cleared us a brand new back yard!

My aunt had wanted to clear a path down to the edge of the property, which she says was clear when they bought the house 24 years ago, but which had reforested itself.  Now it's clear and in the spring we can make a nice little yard/garden down there. It's gonna be awesome.

I never like to cut down trees, but we will use the wood for our fireplace, so it won't go to waste.
New Yard Looking Up by AreteEirene
New Yard Looking Down by AreteEirene

Life is an Adventure

Thu Jul 19, 2012, 5:08 PM

We were without power for 96 hours.

I was without internet for 19 days.

My phone's reception out here in the boonies is total crap. I was lucky on occasion to get access to a news page, but dA was a no go.  Plus the phone is too little to do much.

So, it has been an interesting month. And boring. Really really boring.  We had a derecho here, which is pretty much a little brief land based hurricane that whips up out of nowhere and leaves mass destruction.  There are still three trees on our garage. There are three more down out by our mail box, a couple down in the gulley, and a couple more on the hill. We had no power for four days, and we were some of the luckiest; most people waited six or seven days, or even more.  The temperatures have been over 90 for weeks, which is blistering hot up here.  Today I got in my car to go to work, heard a popping noise, and found a mile down the street that one of my tires had blown up.  Not just gone flat. The thing is in total shatters. :stare: I calculated that emergency supplies and gasoline for the generator cost me approximately $900. Thank goodness for my recent raise! Oh, and my aunt has pneumonia. (She's ok. Still recovering but doing fine.)

But all was not lost. I did get about 700 pictures ready to post on my stock site. I watched my Trigun DVDs on my computer (no internet also meant no cable). I started to reread Trigun. I love Trigun.  I listened to a bunch of podcasts I've been behind on. I made progress cleaning the garage. I got all of my aunt's laundry caught up. including all the blankets! I got to see two sets of fireworks.

I also whined. A LOT. Swearing was involved.

By the time my tire blew out this morning I was completely nonplussed. No biggie.  Call AAA and get out my little spare. I'll get new ones tomorrow. It's payday, what the hell.

Yesterday our power was out again, for about seven hours.  It got turned back on at one point for about five minutes, then the power company cut it on purpose, because up the hill a limb on the lines caught fire.  It took them about 5 more hours to get it cleared.  At about 10:30 my aunt said she heard men outside her window. As our house is very secluded and her window faces the most secluded area of the property, I was a bit off put by this.  Turns out it was the power company assessing the two poles behind out house.  They did not much like the giant one down in the gulley, covered in vines. I tried to tell them to go around the property and into the gulley at ground level down by the river.  Did they listen? No. One guy goes down the hill, which is about an 80º slope.  He slips and falls the rest of the way. He's ok, but I was still thinking "dumbass". Pitch black and you climb down a bramble covered cliff after a huge rainstorm.

It's been an interesting adventure.

For pictures, check out my mom's journal:
Storms Called Land HurricanesTuesday Morning, an Electrical Crew from Alabama that came up to help Ohio, showed up at Linda's, Fubelle, where Tina lives with her Aunt, to begin work on removing debris and getting the electric turned back on after being out of power since Friday Afternoon. Then, Tuesday afternoon, the switch was pulled and electricity once again coursed through the myriad of cables that connect a whole lot of homes together, as well as farms, churches and small businesses.
The storms, with wind shears that tore across the country 100 miles long traveling up to 91 miles per hour, created devastation from Chicago, IL to the east coast. Crazy.
Steve and I set out for Newark last Friday and was near Canton, Oh when we got a call from Linda. She told Steve to turn around and go back home. She tried to convince Steve how bad the storms were, but to no avail. I had looked up the radar and could see the storm covered Indiana, went up into Illinois and Michigan, as well half of Ohio and quickly heading

So how have the last three weeks been for you guys? I hope less uneventful. :giggle:

original drama llama by Katmomma

I can has promotion?

Wed May 16, 2012, 6:06 PM

I changed my username! :iconsuperw00tplz:

I changed my stock account, too.  Now it matches! AreteStock

It's going to take a lot of getting used to, typing in the new names. :lol:

So anyhoo... I've been meaning to brag tell everyone about my most awesome month.  I've been working as a temp in IT since December and I applied for a job I didn't get a few months ago, which was sad but encouraging also because the interview went so well and the guy they did hire was already on their team, he just got promoted.  So after a few weeks went by, I was approached by the manager that interviewed me asking if I was still interested in coming onto the team and I was all :squee: OMG YES YES YES! So he offered me the newly opened job vacated by the guy who got the promotion.  Starting the first week of June I will be fulltime IT, and let me tell you the raise I am getting is phenomenal.  I don't really know what to do with myself; I've never had a job where I made more than enough to just squeak by. Now I can afford a dishwasher and a new washing machine and my CPAP and maybe a new car and TRIPS TO DISNEY!!!OMGELEVENWTFBBQ!!! I am so happy.

I will be the trainer for my new team; the title is IT Education Consultant. So, even though it's a completely round about way and it took me 5 years I have managed to find myself a teaching job where I can use my 11 years of experience. I am so stoked. :D  Plus the programs I will be responsible for are pretty awesome, too.  Even if I spent the greater part of today trying to get a workqueue to work before finally caving in and emailing my Epic support.  (The software is made by Epic, and sometimes it is epic software, but not today. :giggle:)

Plus my aunt and I went to Pickerington to see the Avengers on the Ultrascreen, because damn we had to see it on the ultrascreen. Totally worth the 45 minute drive out there.  And we went to Barnes and Nobles and I got books I've been waiting on for ages. (There aren't any big bookstores in my area anymore, damn Borders going out of business and taking Waldenbooks with it), so a trip to the bookstore was a real treat. 

Yesterday I went to my car and it was dead. :saddummy: So I had security give me a jump and it didn't work. :saddummy:  So I had the car towed to my mechanic and used up one of my free AAA tows for the year. :saddummy:
Then this morning my aunt relayed a message from the mechanic that the battery was just completely dead :tombstone: and he thinks it's not the starter or the alternator, just a battery that wouldn't charge.  I'll find out tomorrow if it's just the battery and the bill will be nice and small.  Wish me luck!

On Saturday I was out in the garden murdering weeds when a car turned our corner way too fast, let out a horrendous squeal, and then slammed into two of our pine trees down by the road.  I went running down the driveway to see if they were alright only to get there as they were speeding off in a very smashed in black pick-up.  Dumbass. My aunt called the cops to make a report. People kept coming down the hill to look at where the truck hit. Not very subtle, those people, whoever they were. :roll:

Oh yeah, I found these new Rolos that don't have corn in them! (Sorry mom they have wheat glucose syrup)

And we have a big family reunion in two weeks where a bunch of my cousins who live all over the US will be coming. :happybounce:

And we have a big devMeet planned for June 2nd in Cleveland! I am so stoked!

That's about all for now.  :D  Movie spoilers at the end.  You have been warned. =P


OMGWTFBBQ Thanos at the end of the Avengers!  Queue fangirl squeeing and one huge gasp at that stinger in the middle of the credits.  The Infinity Gauntlet and its sequels were my favorite comics ever. Just the idea that it may crop up in some fashion in a movie had me excited all night.  Nerd. :nerd:

Obligatory Pottermore Journal

Thu Apr 19, 2012, 5:37 PM

I joined Pottermore yesterday.  I was sorted into Slytherin. I was not surprised. :evillaugh:

My screenname is SparksHallow5006 (annoying we can't make our own screenname!) which was the least obnoxious option I was given.  One was something like MoonPixie3456. Seriously? MoonPixie?

Anyhoo, add me if you are on there.  Join if you aren't. :D

In life news, work has been hectic. I'm working temporarily in IT now and my time is spent making lesson plans, training, and going to lots of meetings.  Lots and lots of meeting. :work: It's been keeping me busy and when I get home I don't want to do much besides eat dinner and go to bed.  I put in for a four day weekend next week and I am sooooooooooo looking forward to that.

I do want to stay permanently in IT, though.  I like it a lot better than my "fulltime" job (no offense to my coworkers whom I like lots but damn that job is stressful and annoying sometimes).  I've been applying and had one interview already, so hopefully I'll be fulltime IT by the end of the year.

I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome last month and have been using a CPAP machine to sleep now.  I feel so much better during the day now, but I'm still a bit tired and sometimes sore when I get up. I'll probably have to start taking medication for the restless leg.  Plus I'm going to have a $950 bill to pay for the two sleep studies and the machine.  That's just my deductable. The actual bill is over $5000. Yay for health insurance. :sick:

In more health news I had a fierce battle with a poison ivy plant which caused me to have one hell of an allergic reaction on my forearms, thighs, knees, hips, and forehead.  It's pretty much gone now but good lord the itching.  The plant has not come back so I will call it a draw.  I suffered but I also reclaimed a giant patch of our garden.

Our handyman doesn't react to poison ivy.  If he wasn't so handy I'd call him a bastard. :giggle:  But he did help me this last weekend to clean out some roots and vines that were growing on the inside of our shed.  @#$%ing ivy.

Well my stouffer's Mac and Cheese is done so I shall bid you all adieu for now.


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East Central Ohio FUR Regiment #42

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 1, 2012, 1:26 PM

Harold "Harry Boo" deBoos
 Major General Harold deBoos by AreteEirene

Rosebud "Rosie"
 Rosie by AreteEirene

 Sissy by AreteEirene

 Momma by AreteEirene

Mister Thomas
 Mr. Thomas by AreteEirene

 Son of Bims by AreteEirene

 Agnes by AreteEirene

Dolores "Miss Dee" Bright Eyes
 Dazed Dolores by AreteEirene

 Lily by AreteEirene

Oliver "Ollie" Stephen Nicholas III

 Sir Oliver Stephen Nicholas III by AreteEirene

Willie "Weenie"
 Willie Weenie Braves the Snow by AreteEirene

Ruby Sue
 Ruby Raspberry by AreteEirene

 Angel by AreteEirene

 Gabriella by AreteEirene

Dumbledore "Dumble"
 Dumbledorf by AreteEirene

 Basement Kitty by AreteEirene

Not pictured (special ops):

In memoriam:

Gabriel "Gabby" McFlufferson
  R.I.P. Mr. McFlufferson by AreteEirene

  Nicholas by AreteEirene

Fubelle (right)
  Who Are You? by AreteEirene


Journal Entry: Sat Dec 31, 2011, 12:28 PM

O M G guys!  There was an earthquake just now pretty much under my parents' house.


I just got here about an hour ago.  It's as if the ground just knew. :iconwoooplz:

It wasn't serious, just a few seconds of rattling shelf stuff. No damage.  But we were all WTF even the cats. :lol:

Happy New Year!  Here's hoping 2012 is way better than 2011 (although to be honest 2011 wasn't all that bad for me, considering the couple of years that proceeded it.)

Any plans or resolutions for the new year?


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Epic 100,000

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 12, 2011, 6:34 PM

Woohoo I just rolled over to 100,000 pageviews!  Not that it means all that much and it took 6 and a half years, but w00ts!

So anyhoo...

About a week ago I was approached by my boss who quietly asked me if I was interested in working on Epic.  (Epic is the program that my employer has chosen to use for electronic record keeping.)  I said sure I was interested (because while it isn't a promotion in the full sense of the word there is a lot of potential for me to move up from just being a "super trainer").  This new position required me to come to Epic headquarters for training. Right away.  It was sort of a last minute thing.

So right now I'm sitting in a hotel room in Wisconsin all by my lonesome, rueing the fact that I left my camera cord at home, because Epic's headquarters are frickin' EPIC and I took about 100 pictures today.  I'm gonna get even more tomorrow. I'm even willing to get up early to get my ass over there so I can take pictures, and if you know me at all then you know I would only do that for the most special of occasions. :giggle:

Suffice it to say I will be posting some pictures probably later in the week.  I have to come back in January so I'm excited about getting even more pictures when there's surely snow everywhere.  It's Wisconsin.  It's a shock there isn't snow on the ground NOW.

Life had been being a complete bitch (and in some respects remains so), but this has considerably upped my mood.  I haven't had anything to crow about for a long time, to be honest.  I felt like I was in a serious rut, but now I'm back on track. :D

And I'll actually have some $$$ to buy presents, which two weeks ago I didn't think was going to happen this year.

How has life been treating you?
~Tina :iconsantalaplz:

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Tagged by a Lost Werewolf

Wed Nov 23, 2011, 6:58 PM

I suppose I could drone on and on about all the trial and tribulations of my life lately, but I never want to, so meh.  Stuff happens and tomorrow is yucky traditional meal day (I hate most thanksgiving food, blarg :bleh:)(except for mashed potatoes - mashed potatoes are awesome).  Went and saw my Buckeyes lose last week and we couldn't even bitch because it was Penn State and they kept saying be nice to Penn State, so we did.  Work is hell because now we are down 2 people and working with a skeleton crew for the rest of the year.  Not fun, nope nope nope.  But I do hope to see the courthouse lighting on Friday.  So that should be nice.

Anyhoo, siriuslylostwerewolf tagged me with one of those make your own 10 question things, so I guess I will answer them.  But I'm not going to make my own ten because I already did that and I'm lazy.

1) What animal/insect/creature do you most fear?
I don't really have a fear of any particular animal; I like to look at bugs and spiders and creepy crawlies because they are cool looking.  I don't think I'd want to come face to face with a bear or big cat, but I don't fear them in a normal situation.  Large dogs I don't know sometimes put me on edge.  I'm not comfortable with the thought of having my throat ripped out. :noes:

2) If given the choice, do you prefer to drink water or soda/pop?
Like, if I could only have one or the other for all time? :lol: I'd definitely go with water.  I like pop well enough, but I drink a lot more water.

3) Favorite type of candy/ candy bar?
My absolute favorite I can't even eat. Twix bars.  :saddummy: Stoopid allergies.
I like Kit Kat, Reese's Cup, Nestle Crunch, Lindt Truffles, chocolate toffees, French mints, chocolate covered grahams or pretzels.
I miss Skittles and Starburst, 100 Grand bars, Milky Way... stoopid allergies

4) Which language(s) would you like to learn?
Let's see... I've already studied ancient and modern Greek, Latin, German, a little French and Hebrew... how about some Asian languages like Japanese and Chinese, maybe Arabic as well.  Gimme a language, I'll be interested. :nerd:

5) Favorite form of travel?
Car for short distances, plane for long, metro for in the big city.  I miss being able to walk to work.  

6) What is your absolute favorite movie?
Impossible question. But if forced I'd say the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, since I tend to pick it whenever I'm in the mood for a movie.

7) What is your name?

8) What is your quest?
To seek the holy grail.

9) What is your favorite color?
Pink... no blue!   (seriously, blue is my favorite color.  I wish this journal skin were blue and not pink.)

10) Aaaand I'm going to steal Sanne's question and ask: What are your favorite boy and girl names?
um um um... Jakob and Lillianna?

And that's all folks.

Anyone going to see the Muppets this weekend?  I wanna see the Muppets.

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I've been randomly tagged O_o

Sat Sep 3, 2011, 10:11 PM

Hey everyone!

Gotta get that long journal off my page. :lol:

So anyhoo, I got a random note from someone I've never heard of telling me I was tagged.  Normally I'd just ignore something like that but damn the questions were good. So for shits and giggles I will answer them.  Just because.

1. What's your favorite artform?
Photography.  Most of my gallery is photography. Most of my faves are photography, so it must be photography. :giggle:  I like all forms, really. I'm not picky. I'm more of a subject matter person.

2. Do you like SF? (Science/Speculative fiction)
I do like good, believable science fiction. HOWEVER, the moment I lose my suspension of disbelief the work is pretty much ruined for me.  I'll spend the rest of my time nit-picking every little thing that doesn't square up with true science.  For this reason, I tend to prefer fantasy, since the reasons behind magic are usually "it works just because".

3. What's your opinion of Canadians?
I like Canadians.  The problem is half the time I am not aware that someone is Canadian and not American. I wouldn't treat someone any differently (besides being very confused if they got deported, which happened once). Sometimes I get Canadian change but since I live in northern Ohio I can spend it wherever I want.

4. Do you want to go to Disney World?
I always want to go to Disney World.  I like this question.

5. Do you like Star Wars?
I do like Star Wars.  It came out when I was 3, so you could say I grew up with it.  Plus my mom has seen it 35482926349201 times, so it was sort of hard to escape growing up.

6. Is Back to the Future epic?
It is indeed epic.  I'm one of the small minority who likes the third one best.  

7. Have you seen the Llama Song?
Is that the one that goes something like llama llama llama duck?  If so then yes, I have seen it.

8. What's your favorite book?
Ooh this one is hard to narrow down.  I'll go with...
The Death Gate Cycle
The Lord of the Rings & The Silmarillion
The Iliad
Pride and Prejudice
Howl's Moving Castle

9. Favorite band?
I don't really have favorite bands. I just like a lot of songs.  If forced, I suppose I'd say Pink Floyd.

10. Do you think deltasquadproductions is epic? (answering incorrectly will result in pummeling.)
I have no idea what this is. I hope I do not get pummeled. :nuu:

So that's it.  According to the tag I'm supposed to make up my own 10 questions.  I guess if anyone wants to copy paste these into a comment and answer you can. :shrug:

1. Boxers or Briefs?
2. When you order a sugary carbonated beverage, do you call it soda, pop, coke, or something else?
3. What was the last movie you saw? Was it any good?
4. What song makes you want to scream and rip off your ears?
5. Are you ready for some football?
6. What deviant would you most like to meet (one you haven't met before, beside me, of course :flirty: :lol:)?
7. Are you horny for Columbus?
8. Do you listen to any podcasts? If yes, what are they?
9. How much wood could Hanna chuck if Hanna were a half-blind woodchuck?
10. You must give up one of the following in order to keep all the rest: Music, Laughter, Truth, Freedom, Money, Sex.  Which one do you sacrifice and in what order do you rank the remaining five (1 being most important).

Hope those are good questions.

original drama llama by Katmomma
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Matsuricon Recap

Sat Aug 27, 2011, 6:43 PM

First off I would like to wish all my East Coast friends the very best. Stay safe, stay dry!

On to the recap, as demanded by LeftWingDuck mostly because she wants to see my pictures. :lol:  So if you just want to see some panel pictures, go here:… and you can see all my pics.  I couldn't be arsed to caption any of them, though, so if you want to know who's in them you'll have to ask. =P

Hanna got here on Thursday night.  I woke her up with my alarms Friday morning; I had to go to work, so we ended up driving separately (which turned out to be a very good thing).  She went early and I headed out around 2 to Columbus. I got there a little after 3, found Hanna and registration, and this time I had my badge in about 10 minutes. Nothing like Sugoicon, thank goodness!  We went to Sonion's panel at 4:00, which was very interesting, and then Hanna had her panel at 6:00.

Sonny at his 4:00 panel.  

We then puttered around until the 11 Anime Voice Actors 18+ panel, and we sat right up front.  I was surprised they let us take pictures. Video was strictly verboten.  Eric Vale stole the show with an impersonation of a voice actor not present.  It was downright uncanny how much he can sound like this particular voice actor. :O  Seems they do not get along.  But anyhoo, at one point I laughed so hard I thought I was going to faint.  My only critique was there were too many sex questions.  Come on people!  Some are funny but it got boring after a while. :roll:   

We would have liked to stay for the 1:00am panel but we had a 1 hour drive home and wanted to be back early on Saturday, so we headed out.  I paid for my parking and started to roll out of the garage when I realized there might be something horribly wrong with my car. :nuu:  Hanna was behind me and halfway down the block I had to pull over. My brakes were gone.  DAMMIT.  See how it was good we drove separately?  We decided to leave my car in the garage and worry about it later; we got home around 2:45am.

Next day we headed out early so we could see Sonion again, this time in a panel geared towards Fullmetal Alchemist.  Perhaps I failed to mention that Sonion is not just an awesome cartoonist, but also the voice of Maes Hughes?  He's awesome like that. :D  This panel was packed and extremely funny.  Sonny stole a pink piggy and named him Philip.  

I wore my Merryweather on Saturday. In the dealer's room, we talked with James Hatton and his lovely wife, who loved my costume. I bought a book and got a button from them, then when I was putting my wallet away I realized I could not find my license. :nuu: This would prove to be an issue as without it I could not get into the 18+ panels in the evening, even though I'm on the wrong side of 30. But so is life.  I went to the Nostalgia Critic Q&A and ripped my bag apart. No license.  I called my aunt and had her rip my room apart. No license.  So there I am in Columbus with a car with no brakes and no driver's license.  Yay! :sarcasm:  

After another panel with Sonion (damn he had a lot of panels!) I had to take care of my car. Hanna wasn't feeling well so she went to the food court to eat and relax. I got my car out of the garage, very carefully, with almost no brake pressure, and called AAA.  They were there lickety-split, so I suppose if your brakes go out the place to do it is right downtown Columbus.  The driver was very nice and very cute and said he didn't mind the drive out to Newark.  He made sure I had a ride home before letting my traipse back to the con.  So there I was walking down High Street in my Merryweather dress and carrying my wings and hat.  I managed to lose my wand and a nice lady came running up behind me to give it back.  It was kind of hilarious, to be honest.  Losing stuff all willy-nilly.

Our next big thing was meeting Sonionfor drinks at the hotel bar. We had to wait a while but it was worth it. I got a free drink from the bartender (it was non-alcoholic, of course, remember - no license!), and then Sonny gave us all free sketches.  I got Col. Armstrong being attacked by a raccoon.  :lol:  

Later I spilled Sonny's wine on Hanna's sketch.  It was just one of these days.  I told Hanna I would be fine if she wanted to go to the 18+ panel; I would be more than happy to entertain myself by wandering around taking pictures, but she decided we might as well just go home and get some sleep so we could be early again on Sunday.  It was a very long day, and despite my issues I did have a blast.  I got my picture taken lots of times and got to meet oneoftwo. I bought some of her HP kissing buttons.  So cute!

Sunday we got up early Hanna was already up when my alarm went off. I don't think she slept much, to be honest. :saddummy:  But we wanted to be back in Columbus for the 11:00 panel where a bunch of the voice actors would be cold-reading a terrible radio play from 1949.  It was damn hilarious. I got some pictures although they aren't all that great.

Then Hanna wanted to go get a picture with Sonny Sonion so we did.  His table looked so lonely.  Maybe it was the sign.

Next up was a panel with Doug Walker, the Nostalgia Critic, about moviues you hate but everyone else loves, or vice versa.  He had mentioned the day before in his Q&A that he might be filming a skit for TGWTG at the panel on Sunday, so understandably I was all "must be at panel!!!"  As we were waiting in line Ian Sinclair suddenly came up behind Hanna and I to ask who we were waiting for. I was all OMG, it's Ian Sinclair! :lol: We told him and he said he loved the NC.  then he went walking off.  Completely random!

Anyhoo, The skit is here:… if you are interested.  It is very funny and Hanna and I are in it for about a half a second.  Internet famous!
I managed to be first during the panel, admitting that I hate Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  I might like it if Ferris weren't such a spoiled rotten douche bag, or if he got caught in the end.  Hate hate hate him!    

A horse is a horse of course of course...

Hanna and I enjoying some scintillating conversation:

A few cosplayers I stopped for pictures:   

Some general pics of the con:   

The mural was really cool.  Hanna drew a couple things but I never did. Someone paid $81 for it at the closing ceremonies.

So that was the gist of things.  I had a very nice time despite my troubles.  Seems the car is going to be about $600. :(  And I went and got a replacement license today. It's still pink.  I have no idea whatever happened to the other. I guess it got tired of me bitching it was pink and lost itself. :lol: But I will know now to always put it back in my wallet after getting carded at a 18+ panel instead of sticking it in my pocket!

We'll probably go to Sugoicon again this year.  James asked us if we'd be back and we were all :squee: he remembered we were there last year!  Which reminds me I need to e-mail him the picture I posted in my gallery here.

And oh yeah, as soon as I got back I recommended Sonion for a DD because he had never had one!  Check it out:
El Conejo rides AGAIN by Sonion

I might post some of the better pics to AreteStock  Some I like quite a lot.  I'll have to see. :plotting:  But as for now photobucket will have to do. =P

Toodles! ~Tina

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I'm in a NC video!

Fri Aug 26, 2011, 5:27 PM

Yay Nostalgia Critic at Matsuricon!

I'm in a video! Well, sort of.  It pans so fast you can't see me, but go here:… and watch. Especially the blooper. OMG :iconteheeyesplz:  If your name is Hanna you may especially love the blooper.  Hanna will know, yes she will. :shifty:

Full report forthcoming as soon as I get my photos processed.

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The Sweet Tooth of Doom

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 26, 2011, 7:01 PM
Hello everyone! :iconwavesplz:

My aunt said she had a sweets craving, and off to the store she went.  She asked if I wanted anything, and I said a Nestle's Crunch would be nice.  Well, she came home and handed me a grocery bag.  I was all :wtf: is in this bag?  She got me three crunch bars, a bag of the miniatures, a box of Keebler Grasshoppers and a bunch of those giant Reese's Cups! :faint:  And that was just for me.  She got a bag for herself; I spied two bags of little Krispy Kreme donuts, but I'm not sure what else is in there.  I'm never allowing her to go to the store alone again. :lol:

So anyhoo, tons has been going on, as it's summer and summer means busy weekends.  We weathered having no air conditioning for about a month but with this heat wave we finally had to cave in and get some window units (the central air is kaput, sadly).  Our neighbor gave us an older unit which went into my aunt's window; and a few days later I bought a cheapy unit at the Home Despot for $99 and then proceeded to about kill myself getting it into my window. My knee still hurts.  :shifty:

We went up to my parents' this last weekend and got new iPhones. :la:  Except the idiot who helped us managed to attach my contacts to my aunt's number and vice versa. :slow:  So I spent last night syncing and updating and swapping sim cards and syncing again.  Even though it was an odd start I think me and the iPhone will be getting along, as I can get on dA during slow times at work. :D  Don't tell anyone I said that!

This weekend I'll be heading back up to Y-town so I can tag along to my cousin's college graduation party before she and her new hubby whisk away to London (lucky!), and then in a couple of weeks I'll be going to Matsuricon with LeftWingDuck. :squee:  It's going to be a jam packed month.  Plus we're short at work so the week will be jammed packed as well.  I'm really not looking forward to some days, where I think there will only be three of us (there are usually 5). At least they are hiring a new person. Finally!

On the home front we are still in a battle of wills with the raccoons.  Oliver has been a bit of a help; he likes to jump on them and give them hell.  You go Ollie! :giggle:  They dug up a bunch of my flower boxes again, little bastards.

We also have a new stray.  He's a yellow tabby and he's got some trouble with his eyes.  I initially thought he was a scrappy old scallywag so I named him Jack, but now that we've been feeding him and he's put on some weight it looks like he's still a kitten, maybe 6-8 months old.  Poor little guy.  Hopefully we can catch him and get him to the vet where they can treat his eyes and give him the big snip.  That's the main rule - strays are welcome to stay but they will get fixed.  We don't need any more kittens.

Concerning these new journal pages... I'm not a big fan, to be honest (they're in beta).  My header looks pathetically small now, and I am seriously missing my widgets.  Any recommendations for a nice looking skin?


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Lazy Hazy Daze

Journal Entry: Sat May 28, 2011, 4:29 PM
Hello Everyone! :iconwavesplz:

So for those not in-the-know, I got a DD yesterday.  I have never gotten so many comments in so short a time ever in my whole time here on dA.  Or faves, to be honest.  

A big hello to everyone who watched me this week, too! :D  My name is Tina; tell me something about yourself, any goofy little fact.  I like to have comment conversations. :blahblah: I am a classics nerd; I love Walt Disney World, night photography, flowers, kitties, fantasy novels, and going to the fair.  Sometimes I draw fanart but I haven't had time lately because I am busy working a sometimes soul crushing job for entirely too little pay. :aww: I have 13, soon to be 14 cats.

It's a long weekend here in the States, and I am currently at my parents' house lying on the guest bed because it's nap time, apparently.  I think I'm the only one awake. :sleep: I'd nap, too, except I know for a fact I will consequently be up until 4am and my whole sleep rhythm will be thrown off, so I'm just staying up.  I can always go to bed early while my dad and aunt stay up late watching movies.  They already spent the morning watching How to Train Your Dragon, and then we went to see Pirates 4 at the early matinee.

Speaking of Pirates 4, I rather enjoyed it, and I'm a bit surprised it got such bad reviews.  It's not a masterpiece, but it was a fun ride.

After the movie we went to Home Depot to buy flowers. Got petunias, marigolds, and gerbera daisies for mom's landscaping.  Then we went out to lunch and out to Berlin Center for giant twist cones. mmmmm twist soft serve... :drool:  always worth the drive.

When we got home everyone laid down for a nap and they are still in bed.  That was about 2 hours ago.  So I guess I can spend some time catching up on my dA a bit.  I could go out and start weeding but I don't wanna.  I guess I'll just lay here and try to finish answering comments! :lol:

~Tina :love:

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Summer Movie Season

Journal Entry: Sat May 14, 2011, 12:20 PM
Hey everyone! :iconwavesplz:

First off, Rose-Rayne will be happy to know I spent my gift card on both a book and shoes. :lol:  I have $5.86 left. Not sure what to spend it on.  My aunt spent hers on soap from Bath and Body Works.  The whole $100!  We won't need soap for a couple of years, I think.

I got a pair of Sketchers sandals.  If I like them well enough I'm going back at the end of the week and buying the same pair in a different color. :D  I'm not much of a shoe person, but damn I love me some Sketchers.  I unfortunately couldn't find any cute flats in my size.  I'll just wear my sandals all summer anyway, so it probably doesn't matter.

Anyhoo, we also went and saw Thor last night.  Loved it!  It was hokey in spots, suffered from the Disney relationship curse (known one another two days? True love!), but it was still awesome.  I think every woman in the audience gasped during the shirtless scene.  OMG I would have gone all stupid, too,  if that was in front of me in real life.  Considering how silly it could have been, and the difficulty of fitting a "god" into the general reality of the Marvel universe, I's say they did a good job.  The Infinity Gauntlet appears briefly in the film, which makes me all fangirly (and officially marks me as old, I think).  Those were the only comics I kept for myself when I sold off my brother's collection.  

When Thor threw down the coffee mug I let out a loud eep and the whole audience laughed. :lol: Damn I startle too easily.

I'd say it was a satisfying start to the summer movie season.  What films are you especially looking forward to? (Besides Harry Potter, of course. :giggle:)  Our local theater is participating in the Lord of the Rings extended special; I so want to see those on the big screen. :love:


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It's never going to stop raining, is it?

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 28, 2011, 5:25 PM
Hello everyone :raincloud:

It's raining, once again.  Luckily the only damage we've had this week is one tree down, which nearly but didn't quite hit the house next door. Many people have not been so lucky. :(  Tornadoes and floods are scary things.

In happier news, Harry Potter trailer!… :iconeeeeeplz:

How's that for completely changing the subject? :paranoid:  As far as life goes, I'm on track now to get my finances squared away, so that's good. Work will soon be back to normal as our required training finishes up tomorrow (well, until June, anyway, when my coworkers start going on vacation).  I'll be looking forward to not having to get up at 6:30 am.  :sleep:

Mom and Dad were down last weekend for the holiday.  We went and visited a bit, and my aunt got us all an Easter basket. :lol: Dad, while looking right at his, said "I have an Easter basket?"  :giggle: I think he must have assumed they were for the kids next door, but they were big baskets full of chocolate and one movie each.  Too much chocolate, really, if there is such a thing.

How has April treated you?  Looking forward to May?  I've got baby flowers all over my sunroom floor. :iconflowerplz:

~Tina :huggle:

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